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Insurance Claims
Home & Garden also carry out work through any Insurance cover policy claims approved by your Insurers.
We can carry out an assessment of any accident or damage to your property, and provide a quotation for you to submit to your Insurance Company in the event of a claim.​
Landlords, Letting Agents, Property Developers,
Property Management Services
We provide a service for:
  • Snagging repairs
  • Estate maintenance and repairs
  • Maintenance and repairs during the term of tenancy, and in-between tenancies.
  • Direct liaison with residents for assessments and work scheduling.
Welcoming front door entrance of a house with stainless steel wall light and attractive ba
Home owners
Are you are looking to put your property on the market ?
Ensuring your home looks appealing to potential buyers or tenants is simple – just give it a little love and attention.
This may involve some painting and decorating, completing small unfinished works, and perhaps jet washing the paved areas in the garden.
If you have a list of tasks to get finished...... or started !!

We guarantee we can add value to your property, whatever you're planning to do.

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